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We are a labor recruitment agency with a quality migration services, select human capital according to the company requirements and standards; with transparency, professionalism and honesty.

We are an ethical recruitment agency in migration processes, with a transparent and reliable service with the employer and the worker, make our service into the perfect connection between labor supply and demand.


Es el logo de Asesorías San Gabriel, Agencia reclutadora. Volcán de Agua y Volcán de Fuego, siembras de fresa, un campo verde con un cielo azul, nubes hermosa, el volcán en erupción

"We are the support point to move your world"

Photo: Marvin Rodríguez / Strawberries crops.
At the bottom, Fire Volcano and Water Volcano Guatemala.

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Our Values




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Asesorías San Gabriel is a recruiting company authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Mintrab) to provide its personnel selection and recruitment services for different work activities inside and outside Guatemalan territory.


Gregorio and his family previously had a different home than the one they have managed to build. Now he enjoys his new house thanks to working abroad, he left the doors open for when he wants to return.


He told us that he was very grateful to Oro Valley AG Services LLC (Oro Valley, in his words) and to Asesorías San Gabriel, who took part in the fulfillment of his dreams.

A sample of the joy and satisfaction that is obtained by working as a team, results that motivate us to want to continue changing more worlds.

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